Information on Becoming a Teacher

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Information on Becoming a Teacher

Teaching isn’t just a job it’s a vocation. To become a teacher is to choose to give up hours of your time to be able to impart wisdom on those younger and more innocent than yourself. It is a huge commitment and contrary to popular belief it isn’t all holidays and time off. Taking the decision to become a teacher isn’t an easy one and it does take a lot of work. Not just in university but before that as you need to have certain grade in GCSEs and A Levels to even get the points to get into university. Teaching isn’t as easy as the television makes it out to be and it does have a fairly bad reputation because of government red tape. It’s exhausting and primary teaching jobs like secondary English teaching jobs aren’t all about finishing the day at 3pm.

A lot of people assume that you only work school hours and get weeks off every year which in the abstract I suppose is true. Yes, your teaching hours are 9-3pm but you start work earlier and finish later as you are planning lessons, setting up activities and marking work. During the school holidays you will be planning, organising paperwork and marking essays and homework as it comes in and around all this you have to keep planning ahead for lessons and marking. It is not easy. However, there is a flipside. Teaching is rewarding in ways other jobs can’t be. You stand every day in front of children and you are shaping them in ways you cannot even comprehend. Whether you’re there in a pastoral capacity or not your words and the way you project yourself as a teacher will stay with children no matter what you do.

Finding teaching jobs Kent after you’ve qualified isn’t always easy but teaching is a recession-proof position. Children and adults will always require teachers to help them learn and grow and it’s because of this that teaching has become such a coveted position. University courses are always jam packed with applications and usually there is a waiting list. Everyone has a little bit of wanting to save the world inside them and teachers especially have a yearning to guide and watch their charges develop. It’s okay if you want to save the world and it’s also okay if you only save one child and give them an education others would do anything for.

Becoming a teacher is just so much more than a degree. It’s a want to develop a young mind. It’s a want to see the light on a person’s face as they finally understand what you’re trying to get across. It’s choosing to see children as the people they are and recognising they are all individual and harnessing that individuality to channel it into what they are passionate about. It’s standing on graduation day knowing you had a big part in getting them there and feeling that satisfaction.

Teaching is not for everyone but it takes a special kind of someone to do it.

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